Michael Martens is the founder of the startup Fairlanguage. He is consulting companies and public administrations regarding the equity and visibility of all genders, especially in language.

Before Fairlanguage, Michael was responsible for the delivery of several digital projects and products, often with transformational character and strategic impact. He has a strong passion for balancing user, business and technology needs.

As a person from North-Germany, he is often quite direct. Michael, titled by some people a digital nomad, is traveling a lot. If you took a train from Berlin to Hamburg, it is likely that you saw him already.


  • Won 1st place of digital competition from the federal state Schleswig-Holstein in the category “Participation in the digital society"

Who I’ve Worked With

  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Siemens
  • Coke
  • OTTO
  • Sopra Steria Consulting
  • City of Kiel
  • German Federal Employment Agency
  • Edeka

What Others Say

  • “„Wow, das war inspirierend und hat uns nochmal die Augen geöffnet und zum Nachdenken gebracht.“ Translation: „Wow, that was inspiring and once again opened our eyes and made us think."”

    Ursula Nuutinen
    Equal Opportunities Commissioner Berlin (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte), German Federal Employment Agency


  • Speaker
  • Consultant
  • Facilitator
  • Trainer
  • Executive Coach

What I Offer

  • Keynotes on diversity and visibility in language.
  • Consulting / Guidance on the implementation of gender-fair and inclusive language in your organization.
  • Workshops /Training on gender-fair and inclusive communication
  • Digital plattform to educate employees on gender diversity and gender-fair language
  • Sparrings partner & Coach for executive-level regarding diversity and inclusion