Floria Moghimi, Consultant for Diversity & Inclusion and Founder of the online Thinking Diversity (Diversity Denken Lernen) programme

If you’ve been asking yourself the following questions, then you’ve found the consultant you need:

How can I live out Diversity & Inclusion in and with my team?

What steps do I need to take and what kind of things can I ignore?

How can I take a more confident and effective approach to unconscious workplace bias?

I work for an innovative company, so how do we attract a diverse range of employees and customers, readers and users?

Diversity is a social reality. I work to ensure that companies reflect the diversity seen in societies around the world, that they provide inclusive workplaces and develop a culture of diversity and inclusion that values both voices and ideas. This makes for a happy workforce, attracts a broad range of customers and users, and is the right approach to adopt, both now and in the future. The findings of McKinsey’s Why Diversity Matters study conducted in 2015 sum this up in a fitting way: “We know intuitively that diversity matters. It’s also increasingly clear that it makes sense in purely business terms.”

I’ve worked in communications in huge multinational corporations (Deutsche Post DHL Group and KPMG) and I developed my workplace diversity mindset a number of years ago. On a personal level, I’ve been a diversity activist all my life. As a woman of colour in Germany, I’ve experienced exactly the kinds of exclusion that you will want to avoid. This is why I’ve literally made it my business to ensure that you do: As your sparring partner, I can teach you how to think diversity and adopt the diversity mindset. I can help you develop a diversity management strategy and an inclusive corporate culture. I can show you where you need to start and then help you decide where to go from there.

If I am to guide and assist you, I need to know what you want to achieve and the direction you want to take.

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