Trained in Business and Accounting in France, and after a few years working for Memorex and Unilever, I decided to move to the United States. (Go West young man).

I started working as a French translator and interpreter for Rotary International, a worldwide organization dedicated to helping people in the areas of Health, Education, Peace and Self Development, . My duties included interpreting worldwide for the various Rotary conventions. During my stint there, I met numerous dedicated people, from grassroots to leadership.

Five years later, the need for a challenge was great, leading me to transition to a freelance career as a simultaneous English / French conference interpreter. The business side of my brain demanded putting together teams of interpreters in various languages to respond to the needs of my clients.

Then equipment and sound engineers were added to complete the full package of language services to international meetings and conventions. CrossTalk was born.

Who I’ve Worked With

  • Rotary International, McDonald's Corporation, World Medical Association, Lions International, ...

What Others Say

  • “As Cultural Attaché at the Consulate of France in Chicago, I have had numerous occasions to assess the outstanding services of CrossTalk. During my five years posting, I hired Mr. Marcel Theboul as often as possible. I could rely totally on him and his team. He always prepares meticulously to master the topics at hand and prepare for any eventuality. He leads a great team of highly competent interpreters, with the support of knowledgeable sound technicians. Marcel is always very professional and hardworking throughout the various events, delivering what is expected and beyond. In my position, it was important to completely trust the person in charge of interpreting for our public events. I will always be happy to recommend CrossTalk.”

    Fabrice Rozié
    Cultural Attaché (2012-2017), Consulate of France in Chicago


  • Translator

What I Offer

  • CrossTalk provides interpretation (verbal) and translation (written) services to corporations and non-profits in all major languages. We operate in the United States and worldwide. CrossTalk also provides equipment (sound booths, transmitters, receivers, consoles...) and sound engineers for small to large international meetings and seminars, as well as major international conventions.