Mr. Jenkins is the President and Co-Founder of the Purpose Development Institute in Atlanta, GA. Under his leadership, the Purpose Development Institute is becoming a go-to leader in purpose-oriented, human development, and growth strategies. His thirty years of mastering systems and strategies for hacking purpose for Meaningful Excellence™ is allowing him to disrupt personal and professional growth in new ways. One of his signature strategies for helping clients is helping them master skills for overcoming Purpose Deficit Disorders (PDD). His 20,000 plus hours of Purpose Development wisdom describes PDD as the number threat in personal growth, which positions his unique systems and strategies as a viable solution for helping clients and organizations maximize potential.

As a Master Purpose Development Coach, Mr. Jenkins is poised to deliver refreshing insights to corporate audiences on how to master new soft-skills for transforming corporate leadership into cutting-edge attitudes and behaviors. His unique approach to leadership allows leaders to lead from a position of strength and increase their influence among followers.

A strong proponent for diversity and inclusion, Mr. Jenkins challenge diversity practitioners to explore bonds beyond group identification. His proprietary D.I.V.E.R.S.E.™ University is a didactic approach to exploring the sophistication of purpose in race relations. It's the key to transforming diversity policies into a Diversity Purpose™.

One of the biggest challenges for diversity practitioners is getting employees to engage at a high level with initiatives to increase collaboration in the workplace. Cultural differences are the focus of most trainings which puts the company at the mercy of the policy to enforce what people are not conditioned to do. As a result, employees are slow to buy in to the message of diversity and inclusion, because diversity is not a matter of policy, but an intricate part of human interaction that requires a high degree of purpose.

Purpose Development™ is a missing piece in the diversity puzzle. It explores the sophistication of purpose for innovative solutions to transform diversity policies into a Diversity Purpose™. When purpose is introduced into the formula for diversity, collaboration becomes a matter of the heart. It drives employees to become active participants in overcoming biases that are policy liabilities. This disruptive approach to diversity takes into consideration that when the Diversity Purpose IQ™ is low, collaboration among employees will be low. However, when the Diversity Purpose IQ™ is high, employees will be inspired to build bonds beyond cultural differences.

Helping employees embrace a Diversity Purpose™ is an innovative solution that conditions employees to create a culture where the energy of purpose is the driving force behind diversity and inclusion initiatives. It’s guaranteed to produce cutting-edge attitudes and behaviors that breathes new life into diversity policies.


  • Accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council in 2017

Who I’ve Worked With

  • Mayfield Dairy
  • Morehouse College
  • Benchmark Physical Therapy


  • Speaker
  • Consultant
  • Trainer

What I Offer

  • Diversity Purpose™ Keynote
  • Diversity Purpose™ Consulting
  • Diversity Purpose™ Coach Certification
  • Diversity Purpose IQ™ Assessment
  • D.I.V.E.R.S.E.™ University Training